SignRiverside Environmental Park - A Hidden Treasure

Do you know it's there? 

The Huntington Riverside Environmental Park covers all the area east of the River Foss, between the A1237 and Church Lane, from the upper bank of the river to the boundaries of residential properties.

It is owned by the Parish Council and managed by a Committee of Council representatives and local representatives. There are 3 main areas:- 

  1. A Play Area for young people, at the bottom of Vesper Walk. This receives an annual safety inspection and regular maintenance.
  2. The main Nature Reserve is managed to provide an attractive recreational area for local residents and habitat and food for wildlife. Birds of interest include mallard, moorhen, reed bunting, goldfinch and goldcrest.  Frogs and toads breed in the pond.
    The pond has to be partially cleared every second year by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers to keep the reed mace in check. The Reserve has been planted up with native British trees, some of which are flowering. Wildflowers include red campion, ragged robin, oxeye daisy, comfrey, cowslip and bluebells.
  3. Linden Park is a very attractive area accessible from the pathway in Drakes Close or from the north end. It was developed considerably by help from Beazers after the Drakes Close building work took place and many trees and shrubs were planted.

In 2004 a landscaped walk was developed through the area with financial and practical help from the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and this received an Award in a countrywide competition.

Recently a number of young people helped to plant trees alongside the upper river bank. Bird and bat boxes have been put up and many wildflowers have been planted.

There is a permitted footpath along the whole length of the river bank between the A1237 and Church Lane, which gives access to all three areas.

Please help to look after these local assets by preventing littering.

Dog owners are requested to clear up after their dogs (special bins are available nearby for bagged deposits).

Come and enjoy!  Seats provided in several places!

Riverside Environmental Park - Extended
Land which had been hidden behind a rickety fence, on the banks of the River Foss, has finally been opened up by Huntington Parish Council.
Contractors have spent the last month clearing land to the rear of Riverside Crescent which had been fenced off approximately 20 years ago and left as a dumping ground.
Security of the adjoining properties has been increased with the erection of fencing to the rear of gardens and their view of the river restored.
This area will now be managed by The Riverside Environmental Park (which currently manages the area to the rear of Kingsclere and Mulberry Court). Consultation will take place with residents as to their suggestions for this new public open space.
Huntington Parish Council hope that more people will be able to enjoy this land as part of their Riverside Experience

The Police, Young People and Riverside Parks Committee Repair Damage at Linden Park
Linden Park is a quiet little park down by the River Foss in Huntington. It was created in 2004 by the Riverside Parks Committee and BTCV (The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) as a result of requests by residents to do something with a derelict piece of land.
A grant of over £7000 was raised and spent on pathways, seats, bird and bat boxes and planting trees, flowers and a meadow area. So successful was the project that we gained third place in a national award presented in London.
Unfortunately on the night of Friday 12th March 2007 a group of young people broke the peace and quiet by having a bonfire and drinks session. Debris was left and one of the benches badly burnt. We can only assume it was through their ignorance but over the next weeks they burnt the hedgehog and insect shelters, destroyed 10 trees and left cans, bottles, glass and rubbish. Eventually, after persistent calls to the police they swung into action and caught some of those responsible.
The result of this was a workshop morning on Saturday 18th May, Involved were two of the Community Support Officers, 10 young volunteers and members of the Parks Committee.
We cleared the area, planted 19 new trees, rebuilt 4 hedgehog and insect shelters and enjoyed a break with Kitkats and Coca Cola. The youngsters were given name labels to put by the trees they planted. The Press arrived, but sadly never printed the story.
The Park is there for all to enjoy; snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells in the spring, shade and shelter in the summer, changing leaves in the Autumn and a wet area with boardwalk in the Winter. So please visit, and enjoy, but do not destroy the hard work of others.

Peter Bland - Chairman, Riverside Parks Committee