The following is a list of Defibrillator's within Huntington Parish, many are inside and only
available when the buildings are open:

Huntington Secondary School
YO32 9WT
New Earswick Bowls Club
YO32 9PX
Huntington Working Men's Club
YO32 9QS
P J Clifton Financial Services
YO32 9NE
Huntington Surgery
YO32 9RU
Orchard Park Pre-school
YO31 9EH
Huntington Sports and Social Club
YO32 9RU
Huntington Methodist Church
YO32 9SH
Sainbury's Customer Service Desk
YO32 9LG
Asda Customer Service Desk
Between Next and M & S 
YO32 9LF
YO32 9AE 

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Huntington Parish Council Monthly Meeting is held on every third Wednesday in the month except August (when there is no meeting) commencing at 7:00pm 



Huntington Parish Council invite people who are interested in being a local councillor to write to the council and explain why they would like to be a councillor together with the skills and experience that they could bring to the role.


Any candidate must be eligible in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, section 79.

In order to be eligible, the candidate must:

- be 18 years old or over; and

- is an elector for the parish; or

- has resided in the parish for the past twelve months or rented/tenanted land in the parish; or

- had his/her principal place of work in the parish; or

- has lived within three miles of the parish.

Under Section 80 of the same act there are disqualifications, these relate to bankruptcy restriction orders and conviction of a criminal offence, leading to imprisonment.